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Titre: Longevity and pension plan sustainability in Algerie: Taking the retirees mortality experience into account
Auteur(s): Flici, Farid
Mots-clés: Algeria
pension plan
Mortality forecasting
Population projection
Experience mortality
Date de publication: 16-Mar-2017
Résumé: The role of pension plans in poverty reducing among the old population requires the intervention of governments to keep their long run nancial sustainability when the insurance mechanism tends to be failing. In this sense, Pay-As-You-Go pension schemes are the most sensitive pension schemes to longevity and aging e ects. The worldwide population is now passing throughout an accelerating aging process. Following the recommendations of the World Bank, many reforms have been introduced in many countries over the world. Most of these reforms aimed to adopt a multi pillars system, in which the existing PAYG plans are reinforced by a parallel funded plan. The Algerian population is not excepted from this aging process which may a ect the long run stability of the public pension plan still working following a PAYG system. At present, it is necessary to evaluate the long run sustainability of the Algerian pension plan under the aging perspectives. To proceed to such an evaluation, two sets of factors must be addressed : demographic and economic. Population projection allows to expect the evolution of the populations at working and retirement ages. The adoption of simplest scenarios about the future evolution of activity, employment, a liation to social security and economic growth allows to expect the evolution of the nancial balance of the pension plan. Mortality forecasting is much needed to evaluate the future improvement of longevity of the Algerian population. However, the historical data series and methods should be investigated, treated and made in the required shape for forecasting purposes. Also, the mortality experience of the retired population must be taken into account because the global population life tables are not well adapted to the retirees’ experience.
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